Daily Archives: December 13, 2013

SprinT-Mobile Merge: My Wishlist

Rumors are circulating around about Sprint and a possible bid for T-Mobile sometime next year. While absolutely nothing has even been close to being set in stone yet, the community is already voicing either their approval or opposition to the matter.   For me personally, as a new T-Mobile customer, I find the possibility of a merger interesting. Here’s my personal thoughts on the matter. I wouldn’t be opposed to such a merger if done “right”. I don’t think Sprint and T-Mobile should just create a hurried merger together and be done with it. Doing so would create nothing but a total mess.   However, if a merger was strategically planned and implemented correctly, then I could see a SprinT-Mobile combined company make a real difference in the wireless industry. Here’s what I believe would need to happen, as well as my personal “wishlist” on the matter.   1. Keep “Un-Carrier” The first thing that should come out of the deal is to retain all of the “un-carrier” approaches to wireless that T-Mobile has worked so hard to implement. Removing them would be suicide. It’s clear that “un-carrier” is working. While Sprint has some excellent value plans as well, T-Mobile’s “un-carrier” edge is just enough better to swing more people […]