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Albert BarnesOne of the most influential American Presbyterian clergymen during the middle third of the nineteenth century and a central figure in the Old School-New School controversy that led to the 1837 denominational division. Born in Rome, New York, he graduated from Hamilton and Princeton. While serving his first charge in Morristown, New Jersey, he attracted attention because of an 1829 revival sermon entitled “The Way of Salvation,” which denied the doctrine of original sin and insisted that man was a free moral agent who could choose for or against Christian salvation. The Old School conservatives became increasingly alarmed when he accepted a call to the prestigious First Church of Philadelphia and also began a long-standing habit of expressing his biblical interpretations in the form of semi-scholarly, very widely read commentaries for laymen entitled Notes: Explanatory and Practical. Twice in the 1830s the Philadelphia Synod charged Barnes with doctrinal error, only to have the Presbyterian General Assembly acquit him. These difficulties influenced Barnes to join other New School ministers as an early leader of the independently controlled Union Theological Seminary in New York City.
While Barnes promoted and practiced the New School concept of revivalism that stemmed from the Second Great Awakening, he also led the New School Presbyterians in emphasizing that social concern should be the logical consequence of personal regeneration. Accordingly he vigorously participated in a variety of reform movements, including prohibition and abolition.
W. C. Ringenberg
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W. C. Ringenberg Ph.D., Michigan State University. Professor of History, Taylor University, Upland, Indiana.
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Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (Biographical Entries)

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (Biographical Entries)
Author: Elwell, Walter A.

Publisher: Baker Book House | Publication Date: 1997, c1984.

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (Biographical Entries)
– Walter A. Elwell, editor. The biographical articles from this classic
reference work are included in electronic form. They include
individuals from all eras of history and from many countries. Entries
are arranged alphabetically, from Peter Abelard to Ulrich Zwingli. Many
entries include bibliographical references and focus on the
individual’s theological dimension. More than two hundred contributors
represent a variety of diverse evangelical persuasions and national
(ISBN 0-8010-0241-9)

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For your enjoyment, and hopefully spiritual enrichment, we now have the 11 volume set available.
These are 11 separate books that need to be downloaded one at a time. Place them into your Resource folder, where ever that may be. I keep my PBB separated from the others in “My Documents\Libronix Resources” folder. If you use a different folder for your PBB’s, ensure the folder path is in the Resources path in LDLS.
Also, since there are 11 books total, I also created a serial resource association file for them. Place this file into your “My Documents\Libronix DLS\ResourceAssociations” folder.
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