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Tozer Knowledge of the Holy Day 1: Think Rightly About God

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In today’s reading, Tozer touched on an important concept that should serve as the framework for studying Systematic Theology. We are to think rightly about God. Charles Stanley put it best in the Life Principles Bible when he said “Our relationship with God, His highest priority for our lives, determines the impact of our lives”. What we think about God affects our relationship with Him, and our relationship with God ultimately determines how our lives will impact others. Tozer mentions that we should we should think highly of God, that is mentally place Him on the throne where He belongs and acknowledge Him for the holy, supreme Lord that He is. It is a great way to begin our study of Systematic Theology reflecting on who God is, His holiness, and mentally preparing ourselves to think rightly about Him and study His attributes. Heavenly Father, as we begin our study of Systematic Theology this semester at Luther Rice, I ask that you clear our minds of the clutter, help us to focus on your holiness, who you are, and to think rightly of you. We surrender ourselves to you. You are on the throne, and you are in control of our lives as our sovereign Lord. We ask that you […]