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Tozer Knowledge of the Holy Day 14: God’s Omnipresence

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Tozer touches on the omnipresence of God in today’s reading. While God is indeed everywhere at all times, the omnipresence of God goes beyond God mainly being everywhere. God is also ever present with us. He is our “ever present help in time of trouble”. We are constantly in the presence of God, and He is with us always, everywhere we go. Charles Stanley said it well in the Life Principles Bible when he said that “an awareness of God’s presence energizes us to work”. We should be energized to serve God, knowing that we are forever and constantly in His presence. Heavenly Father, as we reflect upon Your omnipresence, we know that in addition to You being everywhere at all times, that You are also constantly with us, and that we are in Your presence. Energize us to do Your work and Your will for our lives. We ask this in Your Son Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.