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Tozer Knowledge of the Holy Day 16: God’s Goodness

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Tozer touches on the goodness of God in today’s reading. One Scripture passage that comes to my mind is the incident of Jesus and the rich young ruler when Jesus stated that there was no one good but God. Jesus was both confirming His divinity as God incarnate, as well as telling us that the only reflection of all goodness is God Himself. While we merely throw around the term “good” to define earthly matters that are pleasing to us, in all reality, the only being that can show true goodness is God. Heavenly Father, as we reflect upon Your goodness, we know that You are merciful, just, gracious, and good to us. We acknowledge Your everlasting goodness as the holy God that You are. We thank You for sending Your Son Jesus Christ, God incarnate, to take our sins for us. We pray this in Your Son Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.