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Tozer Knowledge of the Holy Day 19: God’s Grace

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In today’s reading, Tozer touches on the grace of God. I remember witnessing to an Atheist once who had issues with the existence of God, not due to all the arguments of God’s existence from an Apologetics standpoint, but because he had an issue with God being both just and merciful at the same time. He believed that God could not be merciful and just at the same time, and therefore, could not exist. I then pointed out to him the one element he was missing: grace. Grace is the intersection where the justice of God and the mercy of God meet. Grace is the piece of the puzzle in which God extends to us for salvation. It is God’s wonderful, infinite, all sustaining, all sufficient, matchless grace, that makes it possible for us to endure His mercy and see His justice at work. Heavenly Father, as we reflect upon You all sustaining, all sufficient, wonderful, infinite, matchless grace, we are thankful for You providing a way to be both just and merciful toward us, and for extending Your grace in order for us to come to a saving knowledge of You through Your Son Jesus Christ. We are thankful for Your grace. Help us to extend grace toward others […]