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Tozer Knowledge of the Holy Day 23: The Open Secret

This entry is part 24 of 24 in the series Tozer-Knowledge of the Holy

We wrap up our study on the Knowledge of the Holy by reflecting upon what Tozer refers to as the “open secret” to revival and renewal in our individual lives and in our churches. What is that secret? We are to “acquaint ourselves with God”. Charles Stanley said it best in the Life Principles Bible when he said “our relationship with God, His highest priority of our lives, determines the impact of our lives”. In order to deepen our impact, we must make our relationship with God, His highest priority in our lives, our highest priority in our lives. How do we do that? By abiding in Jesus Christ, the True Vine (John 15). We surrender ourselves to Christ and experience what Hudson Taylor referred to as the “exchanged life”, resting and abiding in Christ. Heavenly Father, as we wrap up our study of You, help us to continue to “acquaint ourselves with You” as we have done this semester. Help us to make our highest priority our relationship with You, in order for us to better impact the lives of others. Help us to abide in Christ as the True Vine, and experience the “exchanged life”. We are thankful for our time of study together this semester. We ask […]

Tozer Knowledge of the Holy Day 22: God’s Sovereignty

This entry is part 23 of 24 in the series Tozer-Knowledge of the Holy

In today’s reading, Tozer touches on the sovereignty of God. All of the various attributes of God we have studied thus far culminates in His sovereignty. Psalm 103:19 states it best: “The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, And His ´╗┐sovereignty rules over all.” Our Lord is in complete control of the universe, but He is also in absolute control of our lives and has a personal plan for our lives. It is wonderful to know that the Lord who holds the universe in His very hands also has a perfect will, plan, purpose and path for our lives. It is when we daily surrender ourselves to. His perfect will and walk obediently to Him that we can truly experience life at it’s very best. Heavenly Father, as we reflect upon Your sovereignty, we are thankful that You are in absolute control of the universe, as well as our personal lives. Thank You for giving us a perfect will, plan, and purpose for our lives. We surrender ourselves to walk in obedience to Your will for our lives daily. We pray this in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.