Daily Archives: May 13, 2014

Take it Back

As I’ve been working through and meditating on Leviticus, looking at how God takes the symbolism of varied rituals which the Israelites were familiar with – but infuses them with new meaning I recorded this response to the end of chapter 14 after meditating on the typically arcane rituals of diagnosing varied rots and restoring purity to what became¬†impure…   Once again many of the rituals, this one included, are echoes and remnants of the pagan cultures around them, but God strips them of their pagan lies and invests them with his truth. In other cultures the birds are sent to the underworld in order to appease the chthonic deities. But it is not so in Israel. God always recaptures the symbolism and directs the attention to Himself. He is the one who strikes down and the one who heals. The impurity present is not sin, but is symbolic – a teaching lesson that men might see in the common before them, the uncommon (but oft unseen in this world) horror of sinning against God. In many of these procedures, rites, and rituals God always takes back the honor and the glory that is rightfully His and he does it by using what His people can understand. God stoops to […]