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Making a Homepass out of a Cisco WAP4410n

My kids got Nintendo 3DS’s for Christmas last year.  It’s a fun little game unit.  One of the features on it is called Streetpass.  Essentially (once you turn it on) you put it in your pocket and if you pass by someone on the street with a 3DS you swap character information.  Nintendo calls them Miis.  You get to play a few mini games with the miis you collect. Other games as well use the streetpass feature to build extra playability into their games. Certain businesses around the world take part in what’s called Spotpass, (CORRECTION: This is a streetpass relay, spotpass gives you a blue light rather than green) which for my purpose is a stationary streetpass, it stores the Miis of the the last ten or so passers by and when you come along shares them with you, adding yours to the que as it does so. But I’m rural – which means aside from a trip to the not so huge city 1/2 hour north of me the chances of a street/spotpass are almost nil.  I’m not about to drive an hour round trip just to get a signal, but I do like to play with computer hardware. This presented itself to me as a mountain to climb. […]

Linux Terminal

The Destruction of Christian Rights

The Lie Let us get something straight about racism: it is a lie. Racism is based upon Darwinistic Evolution and the consequent belief that different ‘races’ of people descended from monkey’s or apes, and perhaps some of them are more fit than others. It is a disgusting concept when held up to the light of scripture. Acts 17:26 teaches that every person is descended from one man: Adam. Moreover the Bible teaches that mankind is made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). Therefore to hate another human being (Matthew 5:21-22) is an assault ultimately on the image of God. For this reason, racism is sinful. That said, Christians should be watching the Donald Sterling story with open eyes. The case, largely being played out in the court of public opinion, is demonstrating and setting a very serious precedent for Christians. Just exactly what is at stake and what am I driving at? Take a look at this: Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling does not have the authority to stop a $2 billion sale of his team because he has been determined to be mentally unfit to make decisions related to the family trust… via USAToday. Perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions, but I believe we are watching the destruction of Christian rights from […]

What’s the coolest thing you can do in Logos 5?

What’s the coolest thing you can do in Logos 5? That’s the question in the Logos forums.   The following is a guest post by Dan Francis via The Post in the Logos Bible Software Forums.     When I start up my Logos (Verbum) I have some of my devotional works placed in the menu bar, below I have my Daily Lectionary highlighted.         Simply clicking on it gives me the readings listed and ready to be read.                The readings are not only listed but are fully printed out in my default translation for quick and easy reading. After my reading I decide which one I wish to focus on that day for my daily devotional study.Then I start the passage guide and read the passage in a couple other translation (often all five of my default translations that Logos automatically opens).       I then expand my commentaries section, and move the commentaries to overlapping scripture windows for more space. I leave the info window open in case I want to look something up. Logos allows one to automatically place foot notes in Word and some other word-processors. One little trick I use since my devotional journal […]