Time Keeps on Ticking

xfaceAs the countdown timer on my desk continued to trickle towards the end of my semester and the editing time I had in front of me, I did what any hard working graduate student would do when faced with an outrageous amount of work to do in dwindling time. I wrote a poem.

There sits a countdown on my desk
It waits for me to fumble
It never gives a moments rest
It makes me want to grumble.

But I shall not give way to dread
Nor petty mockery
I shall endeavor more instead
My day well spent shall be.

The numbers fall in ceaseless count
inexorably towards zero
If I watch them I may quail in fear
Or work harder like a hero

“I know what I shall do”, I said
As the numbers trickled downward
“I shall labor hard and focus more”
but I wrote a poem instead.