Tozer Knowledge of the Holy Day 6: God’s Self-Sufficiency

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Tozer issues forth one of the most humbling statements in today’s reading. Our God is a self-sufficient God. He does not need us or require in order to function and to carry out His will and purpose. He exists and functions independently of any external needs. This should instill within us a sense of humility, knowing that we are the ones who are dependent upon and need God in our lives, not vice versa. Why then do we exist? Why does God have us function for Him, and why has He given us the command to fulfill the Great Commission if He could do it on His own with a twinkling of an eye? We exist to bring glory to God and to bring desire to God. We fulfill the Great Commission for God out of our love for Him and our desire to obey Him and tell others the Gospel. We serve the Lord not because He is dependent upon us to, but because our service glorifies Him, and brings worship and honor to Him.

Heavenly Father, as we reflect on Your self-sufficiency, we humbly acknowledge our dependence upon You and realize that our service to You is not because You are needy of us, but because our service is pleasing to You. Let us glorify You and bring honor to You in everything we do. We ask all of this in Your Son Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

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