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Guest Post for WORDsearch Blog

I recently sent in a guest post for WORDsearch Bible Software’s blog. Here it is on WORDsearch’s website.  I thought I would also post the text of it here just in case readers here wished to read it. One of my favorite WORDsearch resources (besides John G. Butler books of course!) is the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection. This goldmine of sermons and illustrations from over the years of Dr. Adrian Rogers’ ministry is a must have for any pastor wishing to draw from one of the finest collections of sermons in digital format today. However, the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection is useful in other areas than just sermon preparation for pastors. As a seminary student, I frequently need to write seminary papers, exegetical papers, or engage in discussion groups where I am asked to explain or exegete a passage of Scripture. While I certainly turn to all the “usual” academic resources when writing my school papers and discussions (such as academic-level dictionaries, exegetical commentaries, theological journals, etc.), I have found that also turning to the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection gives me a wealth of exposition on a passage of Scripture, as well as some excellent quotes or illustrations to include in my papers and discussions to give them the extra […]