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A Comparison Between Logos 6 and Accordance 11

A while back someone asked me to compare Logos 6 and Accordance 11. Here’s a brief comparison between the two that I sent over to him. He has also asked me to shoot a screencast outlining a more detailed comparison between the two. I plan to do that as soon as I have a free moment. I’ll probably embed the video in this post. Now with Logos Now and Logos Cloud arriving, I’m going to have to re-think the comparison and include them in the mix. Logos 6 I’ve been a Logos user for years, as well as my Bible College and seminary “runs” on Logos, so I will always heavily use Logos, and I see Logos remaining my primary Bible study program. Logos offers the most books available in any platform, and I don’t see any Bible program catching up to Logos in the sheer quantity of resources. I always start with Logos when writing seminary papers, sermons, engaging in Biblical research, etc. I’m the most familiar with its search engine and guides, and I can jump into Logos and really get my work accomplished. Logos offers a very powerful search engine, but with that power comes complexity. In order to get the most out of Logos’ search engine, […]