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We are in Big Trouble

I originally posted this on September 23, 2005 it’s still accurate. Make no mistake about it, God is not going to hold this country guiltless. The United states is in big trouble for it’s shedding of innocent blood. Peering through the pages of the Old Testament we’re tempted to declare that we don’t recognize that Old God because the OT appears to be so full of judgment. That merely displays our ignorance. The Old testament tells a long story of continuous rebellion. And it tells the story of a merciful God pleading for centuries like a parent pleads with his children for His people to repent. Ultimately they would not choose obedience and they had to be punished. First the nation of Israel and then the southern nation of Judah were utterly destroyed, leveled to the ground.It was the particular nature of their disobedience that caused such a terrible end. Jeremiah recounts the reasons in the 19th chapter. Jeremiah 19:3-6 3 “…Hear the word of the LORD, O kings of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem: thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, “Behold I am about to bring a calamity upon this place, at which the ears of everyone that hears of it will tingle. “Because they […]

Should I stay or should I go? What I’m thinking about my involvement with the Boy Scouts of America.

This is a repost of a 2013 entry on my original site before the crash, so it might look familiar. I’m pulling it out again because The Boy Scouts are about to finish the slide they started. Also Read: Philippians 1:1-30; 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 The other day I had the opportunity to sit down with a fellow believer who is involved in Boy Scouts as a leader. I also serve as an assistant Boy Scout leader. Since the passing of the newest capitulation to the gay lobby, the boy Scouts of America are now accepting openly gay scouts; but denying openly gay leaders access. This other leader asked me about my resolve to stay active in the Boy Scouts, because he was wrestling with the need to withdraw. I am hearing of Churches all over the country who once sponsored the scouts but are dropping their sponsorships and kicking the scouts out – should he, and should I follow suit? Is it right that I, and my son continue to take part in an organization that has, with the proverbial stroke of a pen, redefined what it means to be “morally straight”? My friend asked, “Tom, In terms of Boy Scouts I am struggling with this and would love your […]

Reading Schaeffer

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Reading Schaeffer

Considering how prescient I’ve found some of Francis Schaeffer’s works to be of late, I thought that I should accomplish a task I once set out upon and never completely finished.  Namely: Reading the entirety (as much as I am able) of Francis Schaeffer’s writings. Where better to start than with The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer? It’s a bit pricey if you obtain it from Amazon, somehow I managed to snag a copy for Logos Bible Software along the way it doesn’t appear to be available through them at the moment. I don’t intend to do a page by page analysis at all, but merely to share along the way various quotes, thoughts, and personal epiphanies.  I’ll make no arguments about it, I like Schaeffer and have since I first heard him talk about “true truth” who knows how long ago. It was in a recording so I don’t even think he was still alive at the time. My enjoyment of Francis Schaeffer came late, but not too late. So join me if you desire, read along, post some comments, whichever.  At least it feels like I just might be back to blogging as I work through reading a man who gave his life to trying to understand. […]