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The Pastor and Church Administration

Tidwell begins his classic on Church Administration by saying: “The church is people. They are not just any people. The church is God’s people. They are children of God.”<note:Charles Tidwell, Church Administration: Effective Leadership for Ministry (Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group, 1985), 25.> Because the church is the people of God and a God-ordained institution instead of a man-made organization, the goal of the church and ministry is to fulfill the commands of Christ, especially with regard to the Great Commission. In order to effectively carry out the commands of Christ and the Great Commission, the church must fulfill its role in the most efficient, effective, and clearly-organized manner possible. Church administration is the solution in order for the church to efficiently and effectively carry out its mission.<note:Tidwell, Church Administration: Effective Leadership for Ministry, 26–27.Ibid., 26–27.>

Where My Graphics and Media Come From

Some of you may be wondering where my graphics and media used on my blog entries come from. The majority of the time, my graphics and media come from my Bible software programs. Most of the time, my graphics and media come from Logos Bible Software’s Media and Visual Copy tool. It is the tool I use to build all of my Scripture and quotation artwork, as well as the tool I use for the majority of the artwork and media included in my blog posts. When I post Bible background studies that contain images of the Holy Land, the majority of these will come from Accordance Bible Software’s PhotoGuide module. I am in the process of upgrading to their latest edition of the PhotoGuide. I may also use image from Accordance Bible Software’s PhotoMuseum module, which I am also in the process of upgrading to the latest edition. I am also considering upgrading to an Accordance package which contains their Historic Views That Have Vanished module. Any maps of the Holy Land I would include in blog entries would likely come from Accordance Bible Software’s Atlas module, as I love the customization it offers (although at times I could dip into the Logos Bible Software Atlas as well). I […]

Scripture Sunday: Malachi 3:1

Malachi 3—Communique. The prophet has three messages in this chapters. •Coming: the first and second coming of Christ are both in view here. The messenger in the return (prophecy of John the Baptist); the moment of the return (will come suddenly); the might of the return (great judgment upon the sinners). •Corruption: the people were defrauding offerings and despising obedience. •Consecrated: their fear (holy fear of God), their fellowship (those who feared God spoke one to another), their favor (they were God’s jewels). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading