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The Pastor and Church Administration

Tidwell begins his classic on Church Administration by saying: “The church is people. They are not just any people. The church is God’s people. They are children of God.”<note:Charles Tidwell, Church Administration: Effective Leadership for Ministry (Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group, 1985), 25.> Because the church is the people of God and a God-ordained institution instead of a man-made organization, the goal of the church and ministry is to fulfill the commands of Christ, especially with regard to the Great Commission. In order to effectively carry out the commands of Christ and the Great Commission, the church must fulfill its role in the most efficient, effective, and clearly-organized manner possible. Church administration is the solution in order for the church to efficiently and effectively carry out its mission.<note:Tidwell, Church Administration: Effective Leadership for Ministry, 26–27.Ibid., 26–27.>