Daily Archives: December 25, 2016

Scripture Sunday: Isaiah 9:6

Isaiah 9:1–10:4—Ruler. There are two parts to this passage. •Prophesy of the Ruler: it includes the illumination by the Ruler (repeated in Matthew 4:15, 16); the incarnation of the Ruler (child born, son given); the increase of the Ruler (His government and peace shall increase). •Punishment before the Ruler: before He comes, Samaria (northern Israel) will be punished; a fourfold description each ending with “For all this …” (9:12, 17, 21, 10:4)—the scorn in the punishment (rebellion in spite of judgment); the superiors in the punishment (leaders cause people to err); the severity of the punishment (great); the sinning for the punishment (cruelty). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Bah HumDoc: A Cornish Christmas Carol

While the majority of the time, my writings are of a biblical academic nature, occasionally, I will write other content as well, and I have dabbled slightly in fictional writings. My first fictional story was Doc Martin: Brotherly Love, where I wrote a story based on the popular television series “Doc Martin” and created a British version of myself who ends up being Doc Martin’s long lost brother. It was a fun chance to engage in a creative-writing exercise and refresh myself mentally between academic writing projects. I had no intentions of writing additional fictional stories or “Doc Martin” stories, but after the friendly folks over on a Doc Martin fans Facebook group read my story, they heavily encouraged me to write more. I did just that this Christmas, and wrote a Doc Martin Christmas story, Bah HumDoc: A Cornish Christmas Carol. In my stories, I like to piggyback the fictional narratives on truthful characters or events, and in “Bah HumDoc”, I also took things a step further and used it as an opportunity to spread the true meaning of Christmas and the true message of Christmas. I’m excited about this, because through this story, people will see the birth of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world, and […]