Monthly Archives: December 2016

Beautiful Christmas Poem

I watch the Daily Dose of Greek videos from Dr. Rob Plummer each day to keep my Greek reading sharpened up (I also watch Daily Dose of Hebrew). Today’s Daily Dose of Greek video has a beautiful Christmas poem at the end, plus a wonderful Christological discussion on “The Word became Flesh” in John 1. It’s an excellent video to watch today, and I hope you all enjoy it.

Was Jesus Born on December 25? A Couple of Views

As a biblical scholar, I receive questions around this time of year asking if Jesus was actually born on December 25, and how when He was born affects our celebration of His birth during the Christmas season. The short answer I give people is: to me personally, it does not matter exactly when Jesus was born, but that He was born, and that He came to earth to be the one who would die on the cross forĀ our sins (John 1:29).