Scripture Sunday: Isaiah 9:6

Isaiah 9:1–10:4—Ruler. There are two parts to this passage. •Prophesy of the Ruler: it includes the illumination by the Ruler (repeated in Matthew 4:15, 16); the incarnation of the Ruler (child born, son given); the increase of the Ruler (His government and peace shall increase). •Punishment before the Ruler: before He comes, Samaria (northern Israel) will be punished; a fourfold description each ending with “For all this …” (9:12, 17, 21, 10:4)—the scorn in the punishment (rebellion in spite of judgment); the superiors in the punishment (leaders cause people to err); the severity of the punishment (great); the sinning for the punishment (cruelty). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Enjoy these below scenes from the Basilica of the Nativity, courtesy of Accordance Bible Software’s Bible Lands PhotoGuide.

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