Scripture Sunday: Psalm 37:4


Psalm 37—Perspective of Conduct. Divine perspective of the results of good and evil is needed to keep one from being shortsighted about the prosperity of evil. •Duty for perspective (vv. 1–11): fret not about evil’s success but delight in the Lord. •Doom in perspective (vv. 12–20): “The Lord shall laugh at him [prosperous wicked] for he seeth that his day is coming … the arms of the wicked shall be broken”; this puts good perspective on their prosperity. •Dividends in perspective (vv. 21–31): for the righteous person there is an inheritance, guidance, deliverance, not begging bread. •Destinies in perspective (vv. 32–40): the end of the righteous is “peace” (v. 37); the end of the wicked is to be “cut off” (v. 38). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading


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