Where My Graphics and Media Come From

Some of you may be wondering where my graphics and media used on my blog entries come from. The majority of the time, my graphics and media come from my Bible software programs. Most of the time, my graphics and media come from Logos Bible Software’s Media and Visual Copy tool. It is the tool I use to build all of my Scripture and quotation artwork, as well as the tool I use for the majority of the artwork and media included in my blog posts.

When I post Bible background studies that contain images of the Holy Land, the majority of these will come from Accordance Bible Software’s PhotoGuide module. I am in the process of upgrading to their latest edition of the PhotoGuide. I may also use image from Accordance Bible Software’s PhotoMuseum module, which I am also in the process of upgrading to the latest edition. I am also considering upgrading to an Accordance package which contains their Historic Views That Have Vanished module.

Any maps of the Holy Land I would include in blog entries would likely come from Accordance Bible Software’s Atlas module, as I love the customization it offers (although at times I could dip into the Logos Bible Software Atlas as well). I am considering also upgrading to an Accordance package which includes their new Satellite Bible Atlas module.

Should I ever need to post images of the Hebrew Old Testament manuscripts, they will be from the Leningrad Codex Images module also from Accordance.

When it comes to using images in my blog posts, the majority of my images come from Bible software since I have easy-access to them in my studies, I have the legal license to use them in my blog posts since I’ve purchased the content, and what’s great about the graphics and media I use is you can own them yourself in Bible software should you wish to and use Bible software such as Logos and Accordance to enhance your Bible study and teaching.


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