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Andy Stanley and the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ: A Follow Up Response

Recently I wrote an Open Letter to Andy Stanley concerning the virgin birth of Jesus Christ in response to comments he presented in a sermon series over Christmas. Brother Stanley responded with a direct link to his sermon series, “Who Needs Christmas”, in which I agreed to listen to and respond publicly on this ministry site with an honest evaluation of and response to his sermon series after listening to the sermons in their entirety. I have had the opportunity to both listen to the audios and watch the videos of Brother Stanley’s sermon series in their entirety, and I will present my evaluation of and response to the series in this article.

Scripture Sunday: Psalm 181

These 15 Psalms are all inscribed “Song of Degrees” in their headings. Ten have no author listed, but five do (four are David’s, and one is Solomon’s). The numbers ten and fifteen are significant and have to do with King Hezekiah and his sickness and recovery (2 Kings 20 and Isaiah 38). The sign of his recovery was the sun returning ten degrees on the sun dial, and the number of years God added to him after his sickness was fifteen. The ten Psalms without an author listed are believed to be Hezekiah’s “songs” (Isaiah 38:20). Psalm 120—Prevarication. The problem of slander by the lying tongue of the enemy is bemoaned by the Psalmist. Psalm 121—Preservation. Israel will be preserved by the God Who does not “slumber or sleep.” Psalm 122—Piety. Dedication and delight in going to God’s house to worship are excellent here. Psalm 123—Prayer. Help is sought from God in heaven, not from man on earth. Psalm 124—Power. If God’s power had not helped, Israel would have been defeated by the enemy. Psalm 125—Protection. Divine protection from God for Zion is like the mountains around Jerusalem. Psalm 126—Pleasure. Great was the delight of those who returned to Jerusalem from captivity. Psalm 127—Prerequisite. Except God helps, the builder, the […]