Daily Archives: January 1, 2017

Scripture Sunday: Isaiah 43:19

Isaiah 43—Redemption. Israel’s return to the land is spoken of as redemption. •Reassurance of redemption: Israel is not to fear; God will redeem and preserve them. •Reason for redemption: Israel is precious to and loved by God. •Ransom for redemption: Egypt, Ethiopia, etc. are made a ransom for Israel—they died (in judgment) so Israel could return to the land. •Regathering in redemption: Israel will be regathered from around the world and taken back to Palestine. •Reporting of the redemption: Israel will be witnesses of Jehovah’s redemptive work (the true Jehovah witnesses are the Jews not the cult that claims this name). •Revenge in the redemption: God will take vengeance on Israel’s enemies. •Rebuke for the redeemed: for their lack of devotion to God—“thou has been weary of me, O Israel.” •Removal in redemption: God will blot out their sins and not remember their sins. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading