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Scripture Sunday: Galatians 5:16-17

Galatians 5:13–6:18—Conduct. The last third of the epistle emphasizes sanctified conduct of the believer. •Cause of the conduct: the Spirit not the law. The works of the flesh are cited and the fruit of the Spirit is given as a contrast. •Character of conduct: a number of areas of conduct are cited here. They include dealing with the sinning brother, humility, validating your calling/work, sharing with those who help you spiritually, sowing and reaping, and preference in giving favor (favor believers over unbelievers). Paul then closes the epistle with a parting shot at the legalists who insist on circumcision, but he glories in the cross of Christ. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Have a Blessed Father’s Day!

Psalm 68—Invincible. The invincible power of God is emphasized in this Psalm. The themes noted here are interwoven throughout the Psalms. •Character of His power: it favors the righteous but punishes the wicked. •Conquests of His power: they are many from protecting Israel when they marched through the desert under Moses to helping Israel as a nation when they were in the land. •Circumference of His power: it is not only on earth but it encompasses the heavens, too. •Compensations from His power: He “daily loadeth us with benefits” (v. 19). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading Please pray for those in the tower in London fire, as well as those in the attack in London this evening.