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Encouraging Verse Concerning the Situation with North Korea

As the situation with North Korea intensifies and causes us in America to become increasingly concerned, I was reminded tonight in my reading through Isaiah of when Assyria made similar threats against the kingdom of Israel (just with Old Testament period instead of twenty-first century weapons). I came to this encouraging verse and prayer of Hezekiah to the Lord asking the Lord to deliver the kingdom of Israel from Assyria (in which He did). It is an encouraging prayer for us to pray in our day with the situation in North Korea, asking the Lord to deliver us just as He delivered Israel.

Scripture Sunday: 1 Peter 4:16

1 Peter 3:13–5:11—Suffering. This subject was addressed briefly earlier in the epistle and is now spoken of in earnest. •Preparation for suffering: this includes devotion to the Lord (sanctify Him in your hearts); declaration of the Lord (be ready to give an answer); deportment according to the Lord (so suffering will be only for well-doing, not for evil-doing). •Pattern of suffering: Christ is the pattern. In this pattern of suffering is the cruelty in the pattern (it was unjust); the comparison in the pattern (Noah’s ark and baptism used to illustrate important truths); the conquering in the pattern (Christ rose from the grave and is now at the right hand of God ruling over all). •Prospects for suffering: if Christ suffered, so will the saints. •Perspective of suffering: this includes the commonness of suffering (it is not a strange thing for saints to suffer); the cheer in the suffering (when suffering for Christ, one can rejoice); the care in suffering (those who suffer are to commit the care of their lives to the “faithful Creator”). •Performance in suffering: life must go on in spite of suffering. Duties prescribed in suffering include duties at the church (elders’ responsibilities are given); duties of the Christian (walk in humbleness and holiness of life). […]

Good Overview on Textual Criticism of the Bible

(Image Courtesy of Logos Bible Software) In Part 1 of my series on Essential Bible Doctrines, I give an overview of the transmission of the Bible as well as discuss the subject of textual criticism (watch the video or read over the handout for definitions of those two terms). I recently came across a good article from the German Bible Society that gives an overview of textual criticism of the Bible, as well as goes a little deeper in discussion of transmission than I covered in my video. Here’s a link to download it for those interested in it. It is a great article to read to take one’s understanding of textual criticism and the transmission of the Bible deeper than what I presented in my video.