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Scripture Sunday: Proverbs 4:7

Proverbs 4—•Witness about wisdom (vv. 1–13): the testimony of wisdom here comes from personal experience and gives a general exhortation to heed wisdom. •Walk of wisdom (vv. 14–19): it avoids the path of the wicked. •Words of wisdom (vv. 20–22): the value of the words of wisdom especially apply to the Word of God. •Way of wisdom (vv. 23–27): wisdom is to affect everything—our heart, mouth, eyes, mind, and feet are all to be controlled by wisdom. Likewise our faith is to affect our whole life. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Review: Malcolm Yarnell’s God the Trinity

Disclaimer: B&H Academic provided me with a free copy of this resource in exchange for a review. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary professor of systematic theology Malcolm Yarnell offers readers an in-depth overview concerning the doctrine of the Trinity in his resource, God the Trinity. Eight chapters each comprise biblical portraits of the Trinity throughout Scripture. Using a combination of Old Testament and New Testament passages including the Great Commission passage in Matthew 28:19, the Shema passage of Deuteronomy 6:4-7, as well as especially touching on various Trinitarian passages throughout the Gospel of John, Dr. Yarnell beautifully offers an in-depth exegesis of biblical texts throughout Scripture, illustrating to readers that the doctrine of the Trinity is indeed biblical, essential, and foundational for the Christian faith, salvation, and the true worship of God.