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Review: Malcolm Yarnell’s God the Trinity

Disclaimer: B&H Academic provided me with a free copy of this resource in exchange for a review. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary professor of systematic theology Malcolm Yarnell offers readers an in-depth overview concerning the doctrine of the Trinity in his resource, God the Trinity. Eight chapters each comprise biblical portraits of the Trinity throughout Scripture. Using a combination of Old Testament and New Testament passages including the Great Commission passage in Matthew 28:19, the Shema passage of Deuteronomy 6:4-7, as well as especially touching on various Trinitarian passages throughout the Gospel of John, Dr. Yarnell beautifully offers an in-depth exegesis of biblical texts throughout Scripture, illustrating to readers that the doctrine of the Trinity is indeed biblical, essential, and foundational for the Christian faith, salvation, and the true worship of God. After a brief prologue, Dr. Yarnell introduces readers to the Trinity through the identity and name of God as Trinity in Matthew 28:19, moving on to include exegesis on worshipping God, God the Trinity as the only God, and a further examination and deeper understanding of the essence of the Trinity. Dr. Yarnell proceeds with examining the economics of the Trinity, specifically how the triune God is at work in creation, finishing up with the God who is coming […]

Scripture Sunday: Romans 12:2

Romans 12, 13—Conduct. Five areas of personal conduct are addressed by Paul in these two chapters. •Conduct for God: particularly conduct regarding service for God. The dedication for service (serving God acceptably requires great dedication); the differences in service (everyone does not have the same gifts from God). •Conduct for good: some behavior guidelines are given for various areas of life (some of the things covered are hypocrisy, love, slothfulness, patience, prayer, benevolence, persecution reaction, sympathy for others, humble attitude) •Conduct for the government: the right attitude of the Christian towards human government (submission to the laws, respect for authority). •Conduct of grace: love is to motivate one’s relationship with others in every area (such as in paying one’s bills and in treating your neighbor properly). •Conduct for glory: how to behave in view of the times—“our salvation (glory) is nearer than when we believed.” Do not be groggy (“it is high time to awake out of sleep”); do not be guileful (“cast off the works of darkness”); do be godly (“put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts”). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading