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Mayflower Compact from Christian History Magazine

In light of today being Thanksgiving, I wanted to share this article concerning the Mayflower Compact from Christian History Magazine with our readers. Original Mayflower Compact EARLY IN THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY, James I of England’s treatment of Puritans and Separatists drove a number to flee their homeland. At first they went to the Netherlands, but later emigrated to America with some non-Puritans whom they called “strangers.” James granted these “Pilgrims” a charter to settle in a vast territory called “Virginia.” In 1620, they sailed in a small ship named the Mayflower. Blown off course, supplies running low, the Mayflower reached land at Cape Cod, much farther north than planned. An attempt to head south brought them into treacherous shoals, so they turned back to the Cape. Now the question was what they should do next. On this day, 21 November l620, the Pilgrims and the “strangers” sailing with them gathered in the ship’s main cabin for consultation. As their charter was not valid in this region, it left no one in command, and some of the “strangers” were expressing discontent.  Mutiny hung in the air; unity was essential if they were to proceed. Their discussion resulted in a resolve to create their own government. This is known as the Mayflower Compact. […]

Scripture Sunday: Psalm 75:1

Psalm 75—Promise of Judgment. •When of judgment: “When I shall receive the congregation” means when He returns. •Way of judgment: righteous. •Warning of judgment: for the wicked. •Work of judgment: demoting evil and exalting good. •Wrath in judgment: upon the wicked. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Scripture Sunday: Habakkuk 2:14

Habakkuk—Judgment for Judah. •Perplexity about the judgment: Habakkuk’s perplexity is summed up in two questions. (1) Why are the wicked not judged? (Habakkuk sees the evil prospering but nothing is happening to the wicked); (2) Why are the wicked performing the judgment (the Babylon army is used by God to bring judgment upon Judah, yet they are more wicked than Judah). •Provoking of the judgment: Israel’s sins provoked the judgment—these sins included pride, drinking (it causes gross evil), oppression (people gain wealth and power through oppression of others), and corrupted worship (people were worshiping idols). •Prayer in judgment: a plea to revive the people and deal with them in mercy. •Purifying from judgment: judgment is to purify the people and this knowledge will help give patience during the time of judgment. •Prospects after judgment: though things look bad in time of judgment, yet Habakkuk rejoices for the blessings that are to come after judgment. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading