Scripture Sunday: Journey to the Manger (Luke 2:1-2)

Every Sunday between now and Christmas, Scripture Sunday will be going through Luke 2 as we unwrap the Christmas story and journey to the manger. Enjoy!

Luke 2Coming of Christ. Luke gives some valuable details of Christ’s birth not in the other Gospels. •Advent in Bethlehem: this involved the decree of Caesar (a census); the dislodgement of citizens (the decree forced Joseph and Mary to go from Nazareth to Bethlehem); the delivery of Christ (in a manger, no room elsewhere). •Announcement by angels: the shepherds for the announcement (angels came to them); the statements in the announcement (about the scare, Savior, and sign); the song in the announcement (message of praise). •Action of shepherds: they believed the truth (believed what the angels said and visited Christ); they broadcast the truth (told others what they had seen and heard). •Adoration in the Temple: prompting of the adoration (an offering was made at the Temple because of the birth); prophet in the adoration (Simeon the saint); prophetess in the adoration (Anna the aged). •Astonishment in the Temple: at the age of twelve, Christ amazed the religious teachers with His wisdom. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading


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