Scripture Sunday: Proverbs 3:11-12

Proverbs 3—This chapter is divided into five sections. •Profit of wisdom (vv. 1–18): this and section three and five all speak of the great profit of obeying wisdom. •Power of wisdom (vv. 19, 20): God by wisdom created the universe. The most conspicuous characteristic of the evolution theory is its total lack of wisdom—evolution thinking is utterly ludicrous. •Profit of wisdom (vv. 21–26): the second section on the profit of wisdom cites more rewards for obeying it. •Practice of wisdom (vv. 27–31): this section speaks specifically about the treatment of others. •Profit of wisdom (vv. 32–35): the third section on the profit of wisdom given here is in both the negative and positive—the negative predicts a curse upon and shame for those who do not honor wisdom, while glory is predicted for those who honor wisdom in their lives. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

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