Who Was B.B. Warfield?

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The PDF includes the sources I used to compile this biographical sketch. This was completed during an assignment during my M Div program at Luther Rice Seminary.

B.B. Warfield (1851-1921)

Key Designations:
American Presbyterian Theologian.
Professor of Didactic and Polemical Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.
Greatest theologian of his time.

Key Background Information:
Born November 5, 1851, to William Warfield and Mary Cabell Breckinridge in Lexington, Kentucky.
The Civil War broke out while Warfield was a teenager, his parents’ town house serving as headquarters for the Union side of the family.
Briefly served as the editor for Farmer’s Home Journal.
Married Annie Pearce Kinkead in 1876 after graduating from seminary. Studied biblical criticism in Europe shortly afterwards.
Died February 16, 1921.

Key Events:
Entered Princeton College in 1868. Planned to go into a career in science. While visiting Europe, decided to enter the ministry instead.
Entered Princeton Seminary in 1873 studying under Charles Hodge.
Taught New Testament at Western Theological Seminary near Pittsburgh beginning in 1878 after briefly preaching in Baltimore and Dayton.

Key Ideas:
Wrote from a Calvinist standpoint much as did Charles Hodge and A.A. Hodge.
Strongly affirmed biblical inerrancy and rejected higher criticism.
Defended the authority of the Bible.
Unfortunately adhered to theistic evolution.
Emphasized the role of reason in apologetics.

Key Works:
“Inspiration” (1881).
An Introduction to the Textual Criticism of the New Testament (1886).
Edited and wrote for Princeton’s theological journals, two he founded himself: the Presbyterian and Reformed Review (1890–1902) and the Princeton Theological Review (1903–1929).
Also worked with William M. McPheeters in editing The Bible Student (1900–1903).
Works (1927–1932): a collection of his writings.

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