Monthly Archives: February 2018

Scripture Sunday: Revelation 3:20

Revelation 2–3—Message to the Churches. Given to seven churches. •Ephesus: the commending (labor, opposed apostates, did not faint); the condemning (left first love); the command (repent); the compensation (tree of life). •Smyrna: the commending (faithful in spite of persecution); the comforting (fear not); the compensation (crown of life). •Pergamum: the commending (had a faithful martyr); the condemning (doctrine of Balaam, Nicolaitans); the command (repent); the compensation (manna, white stone). •Thyatira: the commending (increase in many good works); the condemning (Jezebel); the command (hold fast); the compensation (power over nations). •Sardis: the condemning (works not perfect before God); the commending (a few not defiled); the compensation (white raiment, confess their names before God the Father). •Philadelphia: the commending (kept the Word, did not deny Christ); the commanding (hold fast); the compensation (made a pillar in the temple of God). •Laodicea: the condemning (neither cold not hot); the counseling (buy true riches, buy clothes to cover shame, anoint eyes to see); the command (repent), the call (knocking at the door); the compensation (fellowship with Christ). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Remembering Billy Graham

Billy Graham passed away today at age 99. Billy Graham was known as America’s evangelist and presented the Gospel message to more individuals than any other evangelist in the history of the world. The Logos Bible Software Blog has posted an article honoring Billy Graham which is a good read.

Scripture Sunday: Psalm 23:4

Psalm 23—Shepherd. •Person: portrait of Christ. •Prudence: knows where to lead sheep (green pastures, still waters). •Purity: paths of righteousness. •Peace: “I will fear no evil” and “comfort me.” •Provisions: “preparest a table … cup runneth over.” •Prospects: dwell in God’s house forever. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading