Monthly Archives: May 2018

Scripture Sunday: Acts 1:8

Acts 1—Prelude. The prelude to the church action in the book takes place in this first chapter. After the introduction to the book (it was a letter to Theophilus just like the Gospel of Luke), this chapter speaks of two matters. •Ascension: the message before the ascension (Christ’s teaching of the disciples); the manner of the ascension (Christ was taken up in a cloud); the men after the ascension (two angels promised the return of Christ). •Assembly: the composition (the disciples and others waited together as commanded by Christ for the coming of the Spirit); their conduct (prayer); their choosing (Matthias was selected to replace Judas Iscariot). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Scripture Sunday: Proverbs 1:8 (Mother’s Day 2018)

Proverbs 1—•Commencing (vv. 1–9): here is the introduction of the book which includes the purpose of the book (“to give subtlety [prudence] to the simple [innocent], and to the young man knowledge and discretion” [v. 7]). •Companions (vv. 10–19): wise counsel is given about the peril of evil companions and their craftiness in seducing others to do evil—they can make evil sound so profitable, but it is all a lie. •Consequences (vv. 20–33): how you receive wisdom determines the consequences it will have on you. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Scripture Sunday: 1 Timothy 6:12

1 Timothy 6—Words for the Minister. More words of instruction for Timothy the minister. •Conduct of slaves: before saved and unsaved masters. •Condemnation of false teachers: their choice (they reject Christ and His message); their conduct (proud, divisive); their creed (without truth, full of disputings, believe that gain is godliness). •Caution about riches: the place of riches (cannot take it with you); the peril of riches (can be very harmful); the passion for riches (will not help one’s faith but leads to sorrow). •Character of holiness: threefold—flee evil, follow righteousness, fight “the good fight of faith.” •Commands for people: about the word (keep it); for the wealthy (have good character, creed, and charity), and for the workman who is Timothy (good steward of entrustment, shun vain words and creeds). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading