Monthly Archives: June 2018

Scripture Sunday: 1 John 1:9

1 John 1:1–2:2—Communion. The subject of fellowship begins the epistle. •Cause for fellowship: eternal life. •Call for fellowship: the purpose of the letter. •Centrality of fellowship: fellowship is centered around God the Father and God the Son. •Condition for fellowship: purity of life. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Scripture Sunday: Psalm 68:5 (Father’s Day 2018)

Due to a Sunday exam, Scripture Sunday is being posted a day early. Psalm 68—Invincible. The invincible power of God is emphasized in this Psalm. The themes noted here are interwoven throughout the Psalms. •Character of His power: it favors the righteous but punishes the wicked. •Conquests of His power: they are many from protecting Israel when they marched through the desert under Moses to helping Israel as a nation when they were in the land. •Circumference of His power: it is not only on earth but it encompasses the heavens, too. •Compensations from His power: He “daily loadeth us with benefits” (v. 19). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading To our dads, have a blessed and Happy Father’s Day!