Monthly Archives: August 2018

Scripture Sunday: Psalm 139:13-14

Psalm 139—Marveling About God. Many things about God cause marveling. •Omniscience of God (vv. 1–6): He knows all. •Omnipresence of God (vv. 7–10): He is everywhere. •Omnipotence of God (vv. 11–16): His works •Orderliness of God (vv. 17, 18): sum of His thoughts. •Overcoming by God (vv. 17, 18): He overcomes opposition. •Obeisance to God (vv. 21–24): in patronizing and purity. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading This will be the final Scripture Sunday posted to the FMM Blog.

Scripture Sunday: Micah 6:8

Micah 6—Acquittal in Judgment: God is justified in judgment. •Review of history: shows God’s goodness to Israel. •Revelation of duty: justice, mercy, humbleness. •Reason for judgment: various sins. •Report of judgment: details stated. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Scripture Sunday: Romans 15:13

Romans 15:8–33—Callings. Both the calling or ministry of Christ and of Paul is addressed. •Ministry of Christ: the circumcision (Christ came first to the Jews); the confirmation (it was a confirmation of the promises for the Jews); the converts (among the Gentiles which glorified the mercy of God); the corroboration (Old Testament Scriptures are quoted to corroborate the ministry of Christ). •Ministry of Paul: the people (he was sent to the Gentiles); the power (he did miracles); the purpose (to go where Christ was not named—not to build on another’s foundation); the paths (Paul told of his intentions of coming to Rome after he had delivered the gifts for the needy at Jerusalem); the praying (he requested others to pray for his ministry). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading