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Father, Build a Hedge

This entry is part 17 of 30 in the series Praying For The Prodigal

Heavenly Father, please provide emotional, physical, and spiritual protection for the children within my church family by building hedges of protection around them (Job 1:10). Job was a righteous man according to God. Let that sink in. Scripturally and theologically we know that this does not imply perfection but rather faith. The remainder of the book, and Job’s repentance at the end clarifies that. However, Job was a man of faith, and that faith has always been the pathway of salvation. Hundreds of years before Jesus went to the cross, Job was made righteous by faith – a righteousness communicated by the yet to be spilled blood of Christ. Job’s faith was manifest in his prayers. He interceded for his children just in case they needed it (Job 1:5). Job’s prayer and job’s righteousness by faith were mechanisms of God’s manifest grace and protection in Job’s life – a life that was physically off limits to Satan. God had placed a “hedge of protection” around Job and all that he had. While Satan accused God of buying Job’s love – a lie revealed by Job’s faithfulness amid loss – God’s protection had the effect of keeping the Devil away from Job. God had his reasons for protecting Job, and while […]