Daily Archives: November 17, 2018

Father, be glorified as you work through us

This entry is part 27 of 30 in the series Praying For The Prodigal

Everlasting Father, as You call children to Yourself today, we pray that all the glory will go to You as You work through their parents and other believers in seeing them become “oaks of righteousness” (Isaiah 61:3). In Isaiah 61, the prophet foresees  the good news being brought to the afflicted.  He foresees the brokenhearted having their hearts bound up (restored).  He foresees those held captive being released into liberty, and prisoners set free.  There is a promise in the third verse that all of those mourning in Zion would have their fortunes reversed.  Where once there had been ashes, a garland.  Where once there had been mourning, oil of gladness instead.  Where once their situation had been so dire they might faint and shrink back in weary fear – a mantle of praise. When Jesus came, he began the process foreseen by the prophet.  Jesus reverses the situation of sinner after sinner.  He did it for this man; he can do it again for the prodigals. Let the name of the Lord be glorified as he works to bring our prodigals to Him.