Scripture Sunday: Revelation 3:20

Revelation 2–3—Message to the Churches. Given to seven churches. •Ephesus: the commending (labor, opposed apostates, did not faint); the condemning (left first love); the command (repent); the compensation (tree of life). •Smyrna: the commending (faithful in spite of persecution); the comforting (fear not); the compensation (crown of life). •Pergamum: the commending (had a faithful martyr); the condemning (doctrine of Balaam, Nicolaitans); the command (repent); the compensation (manna, white stone). •Thyatira: the commending (increase in many good works); the condemning (Jezebel); the command (hold fast); the compensation (power over nations). •Sardis: the condemning (works not perfect before God); the commending (a few not defiled); the compensation (white raiment, confess their names before God the Father). •Philadelphia: the commending (kept the Word, did not deny Christ); the commanding (hold fast); the compensation (made a pillar in the temple of God). •Laodicea: the condemning (neither cold not hot); the counseling (buy true riches, buy clothes to cover shame, anoint eyes to see); the command (repent), the call (knocking at the door); the compensation (fellowship with Christ). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

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