So it crashed. Something weird happened. The files in my webserver all changed to zero bytes. Call it a disk error? Evidence of hacking? I don’t know. All I know is that all of my data was backed up. The website failed. And I had a choice. Bring it back online exactly as it was or rebuild?

Long live the new website

The Old Website is broken

I’m going to rebuild. I’ve shifted from Drupal (very powerful) back to WordPress (much more powerful than it used to be). But unfortunately the former site had gotten so complex with special and custom modules that there is no real way for me to perform a direct import.

Stilltruth has needed a rebuild for a long time. So to make for a clean migration I am going to be porting one post after another until I’m back and completely in control.

I’m taking the site out of maintenance mode and making the restoration live.

UPDATE 8/2/2013 As of right now I have restored only the first fifty or so posts. I spent an entire day working on an import script that fails.  I’m back to the grinding process of importing them one by one.

The good news? I’ve added all the former editors back in, and those who wish can start transferring their data – as soon as I build a schema for the Personal Books.

Update 12/17/2014  After giving up for quite some time, I have finally figured out the best way to start bringing back the old files. Additionally I hope to resume regular posting.

Update 7/21/2015  Well that’s enough of that.  I’ve got the pbb files back online and I’m ready to quit trolling my archives for posts worth reposting.  There may yet be a few I find, but for the moment I think I’m about done.