The Key To Leviticus

I had a wonderful letter in my inbox this morning, Subject: Leviticus I hate to be ignorant, but I am. Ignorant about unimportant things like opera, but unfortunately I am always feeling I am missing Biblical things too. I’ve worked through Leviticus as part of my Bible study recently, but for me it seemed as much work as anything – glad I don’t have to do all the ceremonial offerings and cleansings, wondering why it is so unfair to the wives suspected without evidence of unfaithfulness, and thinking what a production the tabernacle must have been with two million people trying to bring guilt offerings and sin offerings and thank offerings and whatnot all with a single altar. So what is it that makes Leviticus so cool? By the way, Leviticus and Deuteronomy are supposed to be Bob Dylan’s favorite books of the Bible. For what it’s worth. Thanks for writing. Leviticus as a book has been much maligned by Christians in large part because the first several chapters are laced with blood, guts and strict descriptions concerning animal sacrifice’s the purpose of which we usually don’t know. Go on and you have selections where skin diseases are described tedium-ad-nauseam. And it just gets “better.” That however is the surface […]

Luke 24:27

Archaeologists Discover that Ancient Dead Sea Scroll Is Chapter of Leviticus

One of the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls that never has been understood turns out to be a 1,500-year-old copy of the beginning of the Book of Leviticus (VaYikra). Source: Printed from The Jewish Press » Blog Archive » Archaeologists Discover that Ancient Dead Sea Scroll Is Chapter of Leviticus I’m not sure how profound a find this is in terms of adding to the scholarship of the book of Leviticus, but it’s definitely cool.  Since Leviticus is one of my favorite books I take great pleasure in reading more about it.   EDIT: Here’s another article on the same topic:

How To Have Morning Devotions

A few years back I was brought into contact with Dr. Bob Ewell who works with The Navigators. Years ago I had started building a discipleship framework that ran out for lack of… whatever. But Bob spurred me on to finishing what I had started and to begin intentional discipleship in the church. One of the first things every new believer needs to know is how to have morning devotions. In Brief the method is simple and to the point. READ the biblical text after Praying for God’s guidance with a Pen in hand. Mark anything and everything which “jumps off the page” and speaks to you. REFLECT – that is, think or meditate on what you’ve just read – turning it over in your head until you can see it’s direct application to you personally. RESPOND to God in prayer concerning one item which you’ve personally gained from. This turns your relationship with God from a monologue to a dialog. RECORD your morning experience – using a notebook, a computer or even a blog, anything that helps you to coalesce your thoughts. Write down the passage and what you heard God say in His word, and record also your action points – what you’re going to do about it. […]