How Serious Is Your Faith?

The price of Christianity is high. Are you prepared to pay it? True, Jesus paid the price for our sins. But we have a price to pay for following Him. We don’t belong to this world, and the rest of the world knows it. Jesus told us as much. “Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me.” (Matthew 16:24) The cross is not your very real burdens or aches and pains, the cross is your death sentence.  I frequently remember a critical moment in my coming to Christ when I realized I may, in fact, die for this.  That is the only rational view of every Christian – because that is exactly what Jesus said would happen (Matthew 24:9, Luke 21:17, John 15:18-21).  There is No Crown Without a Cross. Since that time I have believed that Martyrdom is a very real possibility for me, and for every single Christian. I believe that unless we weigh the cost of discipleship, we will be unprepared to follow it through. So again and again I am heartbroken and unsurprised when I read of the horrors our Brothers and Sisters face around the world. Take a look at these […]

I listened today

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

It’s a rather surreal experience to be a preacher who cannot preach. About a month ago I started noticing pain in my throat, no… in my neck.  It wasn’t a sore throat like you’d get with a cold – it was on the side, but still somewhat in the center.  I reasoned it was allergies and ignored it – like I always do.  Like most men do.  Swallowing began to hurt, coughing was uncomfortable. Sneezing was downright unbearable. I noticed a clicking in my neck when I rubbed my throat, something I started to do over and over again.  Then this week I began losing my voice… as Sunday was approaching. But still there was no sign of a cold or anything I would normally associate with a sore throat. January 2, I found myself in the doctors office. The not so tender rebuke of my loving brother-in-law ringing in my ears forced me to go. Mr family doctor was surprised to find no hint of a cold. Instead he suspects something wonky with my Thyroid. I didn’t understand everything he said, but I’ve learned more about the thyroid gland in two days than I could have ever imagined. We’re still waiting on the blood tests. Today is Sunday. I still can’t […]