Iron Maiden’s New Old Music and the Quest for Eternity

Grandiose and epic. That’s the feeling I had as I listened to a band I haven’t listened to for almost thirty years. I wasn’t listening to an old album, but a brand new one. Still, within the first few notes of the first song I heard on youtube, my ears recognized Iron Maiden. It was the same driving rhythm, same guitar, and wait… really? Same vocalist? I did a bit of reading and there’s been all kinds of changes and restorations in Iron Maiden. Apparently as any metal head would know – and I didn’t, Bruce Dickinson left for awhile but came back. To my ears untainted with anything since “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son” (1988) I was impressed and somewhat surprised to hear they had retained their very signature sound. The Book Of Souls sounds like every Iron Maiden I used to love. Now, what kind of preacher listens to bands like Iron Maiden? It’s a funny question to consider since, for years, I wouldn’t. I’m actually not sure I do today – though for a few days I did. Let’s suffice it to say that, spiritually speaking, there are parts of my teen years I don’t want to revisit. When I turned to Christ in repentance back then – […]

Community Roundtable

Welcome I wish to welcome everyone here this evening. As we begin, I would like to establish one reasonable ground rule for our discussion, and attempt to frame our discussion with a review and update of the current situation as it stands (insofar as I know anyway). The Current Situation I invited both the school superintendent, and the High school Principal. Both felt, unfortunately, they would be sitting here with targets on their foreheads. Nevertheless I will pass on what I know.  I will likewise hope to speak with them privately about tonight’s meeting. At CAM The original Roundtable at CAM was called (AFAIK) to address a specific situation. The discussion format of the meeting was changed because some CAM parent had called the news, and it was determined not to let the media turn this into a circus. The advocate from Phoenix center, generally and specifically councils students, for their safety, to use their biologically gendered facilities. The School has put in place a private unisex bathroom /changing room down the Gregory hall, it is available for any and every student to use, no matter what. Students that wish to use that facility may – as I understand it – tell their teacher without repercussion that they may be […]

How Serious Is Your Faith?

The price of Christianity is high. Are you prepared to pay it? True, Jesus paid the price for our sins. But we have a price to pay for following Him. We don’t belong to this world, and the rest of the world knows it. Jesus told us as much. “Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me.” (Matthew 16:24) The cross is not your very real burdens or aches and pains, the cross is your death sentence.  I frequently remember a critical moment in my coming to Christ when I realized I may, in fact, die for this.  That is the only rational view of every Christian – because that is exactly what Jesus said would happen (Matthew 24:9, Luke 21:17, John 15:18-21).  There is No Crown Without a Cross. Since that time I have believed that Martyrdom is a very real possibility for me, and for every single Christian. I believe that unless we weigh the cost of discipleship, we will be unprepared to follow it through. So again and again I am heartbroken and unsurprised when I read of the horrors our Brothers and Sisters face around the world. Take a look at these […]