Dual Review: The Unseen Realm and Supernatural

What you believe affects what you do. That is the implication of Jesus’ words in Matthew 12:34-45 (Luke 6:45). Learning to think according to scripture then is vital for Christians who seek to live lives pleasing to the Lord. For this reason it pays to be discerning in what we read, watch, and otherwise mentally imbibe. It also serves us to be cautious when delving into studies on the Spiritual or rather, “Unseen Realm”. This is mostly because the glimpses we see in scripture are rarely directly descriptive and explanatory. Rather the Biblical authors tend to assume that the reader is operating with the same basic worldview and belief system as they are. To that end, they’ll mention Cherubim, but rarely in a context of description. We see Satan in the later portions of scripture as a proper name, but it wasn’t that way early on in scripture. Fixing that worldview gap is the stated goal that Michael Heiser had when he wrote first The Unseen Realm, and its distilled companion, Supernatural. (Related link: Read Supernatural) When I first started studying Principles of Spiritual Warfare years ago, I encountered some extremely strange passages and ideas in scripture.  Jude mentioned angles in chains (Jude 6). Genesis 6:1-2 seemed to describe angelic […]

Art has value after all

I’m not a very artsy guy. I frequently lament that I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.  That’s mostly true.  My lack of skill in the realm of arts somehow did not get passed on to the rest of my family.  My wife is a wonderful quilter.  My children can all draw, paint, and otherwise craft beautiful things. I’m so pathetic with color and blending that I have to ask my wife to match my suits, ties, and shirts for me. Since visual art doesn’t come to me at all, I have tended to discount it.  But the more I read Francis Schaeffer, as I read through his complete works,  the more I want to view art.  When I came upon his writing, “Art in the Bible” I began to race through it in a rather hurried fashion to get it over with. Then I repented. My eyes hit Schaeffer’s words concerning the false dichotomy of spiritual and unspiritual that smacks of Platonism. “The Lordship of Christ over the whole of life means that there are no Platonic areas in Christianity, no dichotomy or hierarchy V 2, p 376 between the body and the soul.” Francis A. Schaeffer, The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer: A Christian Worldview, […]

Iron Maiden’s New Old Music and the Quest for Eternity

Grandiose and epic. That’s the feeling I had as I listened to a band I haven’t listened to for almost thirty years. I wasn’t listening to an old album, but a brand new one. Still, within the first few notes of the first song I heard on youtube, my ears recognized Iron Maiden. It was the same driving rhythm, same guitar, and wait… really? Same vocalist? I did a bit of reading and there’s been all kinds of changes and restorations in Iron Maiden. Apparently as any metal head would know – and I didn’t, Bruce Dickinson left for awhile but came back. To my ears untainted with anything since “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son” (1988) I was impressed and somewhat surprised to hear they had retained their very signature sound. The Book Of Souls sounds like every Iron Maiden I used to love. Now, what kind of preacher listens to bands like Iron Maiden? It’s a funny question to consider since, for years, I wouldn’t. I’m actually not sure I do today – though for a few days I did. Let’s suffice it to say that, spiritually speaking, there are parts of my teen years I don’t want to revisit. When I turned to Christ in repentance back then – […]