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The Bible Backbone Plan

A few years ago I ran into Professor Grant Horner’s 10 Chapter a day reading system. It was beautiful but in my mind a bit too much. I tried it several times and it always felt a bit too artificial to keep breaking on chapter boundaries in the middle of a story. (More on that at a later date perhaps.) I kept getting frustrated and eventually broke off the reading plan and just did it my way. As a result I developed my own Bible reading plan very similar to Prof Horner’s. I call it the Bible Backbone plan. It is a plan that works quite well for me, perhaps because it’s just a little smaller in size, and a thus a bit more flexible for my brain to work with. I’ve broken the scriptures down into six areas which I felt should be read every day. List 1: The Historical Backbone of Scripture tells the main story of the Bible from beginning to end. Read this looking for the overview of God’s plan Did you miss a day? Don’t panic, dwell in grace and read today. Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1&2 Kings, Ezra, Nehemiah, Luke, Acts, & Revelation. List 2: The Informational Books add […]

Review: The Other Worldview

Faithlife Corporation (makers of Logos Bible Software) asked me to read The Other Worldview and post the review on Amazon. In addition to posting the review there, I’m also posting the review here for our blog reader’s enjoyment. Disclaimer: Faithlife Corporation/Kirkdale Press/Lexham Press (the publisher of this book) gave me a free electronic copy of this resource in exchange for writing this review. Peter Jones’ resource on The Other Worldview is an excellent treatment of where the breakdown in our nation (and around the world) has occurred as a result from moving away from a biblical worldview to a worldview of “oneism” and paganism/pantheism. Additionally, Dr. Jones gives some solid, biblical steps on how to transform the thinking of our nation back onto a biblical worldview and back onto a firm foundation in the distinction between creature and Creator. This book was a major eye opener for me on when and where our society “derailed” (as Dr. Jones would describe it) and how we can begin taking steps to get back onto the right track and the right worldview “train” before our society experiences a major worldview catastrophe. I HIGHLY recommend this resource for anyone and everyone to read. Pastors and ministry leaders need to read this. Students and professors in […]

A Comparison Between Logos 6 and Accordance 11

A while back someone asked me to compare Logos 6 and Accordance 11. Here’s a brief comparison between the two that I sent over to him. He has also asked me to shoot a screencast outlining a more detailed comparison between the two. I plan to do that as soon as I have a free moment. I’ll probably embed the video in this post. Now with Logos Now and Logos Cloud arriving, I’m going to have to re-think the comparison and include them in the mix. Logos 6 I’ve been a Logos user for years, as well as my Bible College and seminary “runs” on Logos, so I will always heavily use Logos, and I see Logos remaining my primary Bible study program. Logos offers the most books available in any platform, and I don’t see any Bible program catching up to Logos in the sheer quantity of resources. I always start with Logos when writing seminary papers, sermons, engaging in Biblical research, etc. I’m the most familiar with its search engine and guides, and I can jump into Logos and really get my work accomplished. Logos offers a very powerful search engine, but with that power comes complexity. In order to get the most out of Logos’ search engine, […]