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Personal books are books that users can download and compile into their favorite software. I would like to provide a docx, lbxoeb, PDF, and html of every resource if possible.

Personal Books Restored and Updated 4

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So many users have contributed personal books of nearly every variety for Logos Bible Software. Below is the master tree that will take you to all of them. Take note that there are different file types for differing versions of Logos. Logos 3 takes the *.lbxoeb format for personal books. Logos 4 and up take the *.docx format. I will endeavor over time to get each author their own page, but for now you should be able to access everything right here. Enjoy browsing.  

Books by Alfred Edersheim

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Alfred Edersheim, the 19th century’s leading authority on Judaic practices prior to and throughout the Christian era, was born March 7, 1825, in Vienna, Austria, where his parents raised him in the Jewish faith. He studied very briefly at the University of Vienna in 1841, before his father’s poor health necessitated his withdrawal from school. Shortly thereafter, Alfred moved to Pesth, Hungary, where he met Dr. John Duncan. Duncan and several other Presbyterian clergy were in Hungary ministering to Scottish workmen who were constructing a bridge over the Danube River. Under their influence, Edersheim became a Christian, and when Duncan returned to Scotland, Edersheim accompanied him. In 1843 he began study at New College, Edinburgh. He entered the Presbyterian ministry in 1846, and served one year as a missionary to Jews and Germans at Jassy, Romania. About this time he married Mary Broomfield, and they had seven children. Upon his return to Scotland, he settled in the northeast city of Aberdeen. From 1848 to 1860, Edersheim was affiliated with the Old Aberdeen Church. During this time he began translating German theological books into English, and wrote his History of the Jewish Nation from AD 70–312 (1857). Edersheim accepted the position of minister of Free Church in 1849, becoming its second […]