Microscopic Praise

Do you suppose Willard Wigan would get massively ticked off if people started marveling over the complexity of design demonstrated in his works of art and then blithely attribute them to manufacturing faults caused at the sewing needle factory? Scientists do nothing less when they examine the macro-complexity of the universe – staring at the heavens through ever increasingly complex technology and then to the thundering applause of others declare that they have discovered proof of evolution out there. Ask almost any first year micro-biology student about the complexity of the cell and even of a single bacterium and you might get a long lecture explaining the inner workings of what they’ve been learning. But we wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear in the midst of the sentence, some randomly laced attributions to the wonder of almighty evolution in producing such machinery. A few years ago Michael Behe wrote a book examining the concept of “irreducible complexity” (the concept that the bio-mechanical inner workings of cells are too complex to be explained by evolution). His book “Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution” sold quite a few copies. While I haven’t read Behe’s work (yet) I do agree with the thesis. The overwhelming complexity, beauty and yes irreducible […]

I just got this in my email, the second year student in this article was in my Spiritual Warfare Course I taught in Haiti! Praise God for his salvation!

WARNING: This report may be offensive to the faint of heart. But it is evidence the battle for the soul of Haiti is reaching ever deeper into Satan’s real “freeing captives.
by Elizabeth Lehman
On a Sunday morning, the voodoo witch doctor walked into church. The congregation nervously held their breath, since this man was widely known as a practicing voodoo witch doctor. When he reached the front of the church, he simply asked to be baptized. The pastor of the church, a second-year student at the OMS Emmaus Biblical Seminary, counseled him. Two weeks later the witch doctor said he was ready to be baptized and wanted to share his testimony. Two sentences into the testimony, he collapsed, shrieking in pain. As the witch doctor was carried out of the church, the screaming became silent. He was unconscious for five hours. The following Sunday, the witch doctor was able to share his testimony without collapsing and was baptized. In his
testimony he said, “Those who owe me money now owe me nothing. Tell them they have already paid. Jesus Christ paid their debt.The newly converted witch doctor requested that people to go to his home and shrine of voodoo worship and burn it all. They found human heads with hair still on them which belonged to people who were victims of human sacrifice. As part of the voodoo ritual, the witch doctor ate and sacrificed human bodies. But the people followed the newly converted witch doctor’s request and burned all he owned to the ground. Now, the former witch doctor, his wife, and baby are homeless, have no possessions, and no employment. They only have the clothes they are wearing and most vitally, a real reason to live: Jesus Christ.

Gene Bertolet Haiti Prayer Coordinator