My Thoughts on the 2016 US Presidential Election

Last night, I posted my thoughts on the 2016 US Presidential Election and addressed the recent protests in a blog post on another blog I am contributing to for Focusing on the Mark Ministries. You can read my blog post by clicking here. In it, I wanted to call the citizens of our country to be united as well as cover the recent protests taking place in our country. By the way, in addition to blogging here, I am also blogging for Focusing on the Mark Ministries. I will not quit blogging here and will continue to blog here (and hope to blog here more regularly when I have a moment). However, my content over at Focusing on the Mark Ministries is a little different than the content I post here. On here, I tend to cover Bible software, technology in ministry posts, etc., whereas over at Focusing on the Mark Ministries, I basically post blog posts stemming from seminary papers and projects I’ve written, with occasional articles I personally write and publish there. I encourage you to read both the blog and Focusing on the Mark Ministries blog to receive content from yours truly, as well as the other great contributors both here and over there who contribute […]


This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series The Gospel of Luke

Last week we looked at the signs of the times. This week we saw the worst week for law enforcement since 9/11. Remember: Look up because your redemption is drawing near! It’s a bit like reading through a newspaper to see what Jesus described in Luke 21: Wars, rumors of wars, political upheaval, Natural disasters apparently on a larger and larger scale. He also described some things that we’re not seeing much of yet: Celestial signs, significant enough to drive men to fear (Luke 21:26). It is tempting to want to look through scriptures like Luke 17:22ff and here at Luke 21:5-35 merely for insight into the future. What we are meant to see here are the clear instructions our Lord gives us for dealing with the “here and now” of life’s struggles as well as the “there and then” at the end of this world. So what is a Christian to do in a world of upheaval? Do not be Misled Luke 21:8 nails it down for us: “see to it that you are not misled…” There will be false messiah’s. There will be rumors that the real Jesus has come back. In fact in the companion passage in Matthew 24 we read about a great many opportunities to […]

The Temple, The Tribulation, and The Tree. Look Up (Part 1)

This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series The Gospel of Luke

“Stop the world, I want to get off!” The “Brexit”, ISIS, Email Servers, Trump, Clinton, Taxes, Obamacare, The supreme Court, Gun Control, Hunger, the Zika Virus, The planets lining up, Four “blood moons”, War in Iraq, War in Afghanistan, Tensions rising in the far east, Russian jets doing flybys of our ships, earthquakes in Japan, LA, Ecuador, and all over the globe; Islamic terrorism, Tornados, Tsunami’s, Hurricanes, Famine, and on and on the list goes. Then we’ve got our own little personal crisis we go through. How are we supposed to respond when the world seems like it’s unraveling? For the Christian, the answer is very different than for the non-Christian. While the non-Christian might reasonably wring their hands in fret and worry; Quite simply the Christian is told to Look Up, not in a “Defy the world” kind of way, but in an eager expectation of our coming king. Christians, we are not given the pass to fret and worry. With every day we draw closer to the culmination of all things in Christ! In today’s extended passage from Luke 21:5-36, Jesus uses three items to speak about his impending return and he gives us a framework for our reaction to His return as well as the state of […]