Series: Tozer-Knowledge of the Holy

A series of reflections on AW Tozer’s book by Nathan Parker.

Tozer Knowledge of the Holy Day 3: God’s Attributes

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Today’s reading of Tozer focuses on the attributes of God. Tozer defines God’s attributes as “something true about God”. Another good definition of the attributes of God are those that make up the essence of God. The attributes of God are not merely elements of God or the qualities that God possesses. They are part of His very essence, they are that which defines God and makes God to be God. As we study the attributes of God this semester, may we be reminded that we are not limiting ourselves to studying features that God possesses, but we are studying His very nature and essence in and of Himself. Heavenly Father, as we humbly submit to You our study this semester, help us to focus on studying the very divine essence of You as we examine your attributes and ways. Help us to get to know You better so that our relationship with You will be deepened on an entirely new level, and that we will walk away with a greater understanding and appreciation of You this semester. We ask all of this in Your Son Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

Tozer Knowledge of the Holy Day 4: The Trinity

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In today’s reading, Tozer touches on one of the most difficult theological subjects for us to study, yet presents the subject in such a wonderful manner. He is of course referring to the Trinity. Tozer takes us through the the various creeds of the church, as well as shed some insights in the doctrine of the Trinity. Tozer does not try to prove the Trinity. Instead, he appeals to our faith and shows us, that having faith in and believing the Trinity, while a difficult subject to grasp intellectually, is not any more difficult to grasp or believe than other aspects of God in terms of creation, etc. He finishes the study by showing us areas in the Word of God where the Trinity was at work and show how God manifested Himself in the Trinity during the creation event, the birth of Jesus, the baptism of Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus. Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and Holy Spirit, we know and believe from Your Word that You manifest Yourself to us in three distinct persons of the Trinity. Help us to accept this doctrine by faith and reflect on it as we continue to study Your attributes and ways this semester. Help us to deepen our […]

Tozer Knowledge of the Holy Day 5: God’s Self-Existence

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“In the beginning God”. The words that echo forth from the first verse of the Bible describes today’s reading in a nutshell. Tozer touches on God’s self-existence and shows Him as the Creator and the Causer of all causes. We see God as the “I AM THAT I AM”, as always was, always is, and always is to come. We look at ourselves, as, made in the image of God, as created beings by a Creator who has always existed from eternity past to our eternal future. In order to get a grasp on the other attributes that make God to be God, we must pause and reflect on His self-existence as being the always-existent God. Heavenly Father, as we reflect on Your self-existence, we know from eternity past to our eternal future You have always been and are our Savior, God, and Lord. Help us as we study Your other attributes to be amazed and in awe of Your everlasting existence, and to rightly place You on the throne of our hearts and worship You as the true Jehovah God. We ask all of this in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.