How many people wrote the Torah?

Just read an article on software that helps determine how many writing styles and where they are used for Hebrew texts…

Can computers solve mystery of bible’s ‘ghostwriters’

“…Now researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed an algorithm that they claim can delineate between the different contributors within individual books of the Bible. The program does this by detecting noted differences in writing styles and dividing the texts into probable author groupings. Its designed to distinguish between certain linguistic patterns, such as word preferences….”

I would love to see this run on the book of Psalms… It might be good to write a greek version to add to the debate on if Paul wrote Hebrews… I love it when science and the Bible get together… 🙂

Q3 What are the main lessons in the Bible?

‎‎‎The Bible’s main lessons are

  1. what we are to believe about God
  2. and what God requires of us. (2 Tim. 1:13, 2 Tim. 3:16).

Follow up discussion questions:

  • ‎Why is the Bible the best place to learn what is true about God?
  • ‎Why is it important to know what God requires of us?


Comment: Here, I’ve reworded the question by changing “Principally teach” to “main lessons”. The answer likewise is updated to fit the wording. The follow up discussion questions were the most helpful in teaching this time around. Just a few weeks prior we had spent some time talking about General revelation (God in nature) and Special Revelation (God in the Bible) so that they already had a decent grasp of the difference and the extent that we can properly interpret nature in light of scripture.

Inductive Bible Study with Logos Bible Software-Morris Proctor Shows You How!

Logos Bible Software is an incredibly powerful tool for Bible Study, and Logos 4 is certainly no exception. Logos 4 has also made it much easier to learn how to study the Bible with its new, much more simplified interface and smart technologies. Still, when it comes down to doing in-depth Bible Study in Logos, I’ve always wished I had a plan laid out that would guide me along the way. I’ve watched many training videos, read extensive manuals, even attended a Camp Logos (which I HIGHLY recommend by the way), and have accumulated a good technical knowledge of the program. I’ve then asked myself, “How can I apply the knowledge I’ve learned in Logos to use it to perform in-depth Bible Study?”

Look no further.