Dual Review: The Unseen Realm and Supernatural

What you believe affects what you do. That is the implication of Jesus’ words in Matthew 12:34-45 (Luke 6:45). Learning to think according to scripture then is vital for Christians who seek to live lives pleasing to the Lord. For this reason it pays to be discerning in what we read, watch, and otherwise mentally imbibe. It also serves us to be cautious when delving into studies on the Spiritual or rather, “Unseen Realm”. This is mostly because the glimpses we see in scripture are rarely directly descriptive and explanatory. Rather the Biblical authors tend to assume that the reader is operating with the same basic worldview and belief system as they are. To that end, they’ll mention Cherubim, but rarely in a context of description. We see Satan in the later portions of scripture as a proper name, but it wasn’t that way early on in scripture. Fixing that worldview gap is the stated goal that Michael Heiser had when he wrote first The Unseen Realm, and its distilled companion, Supernatural. (Related link: Read Supernatural) When I first started studying Principles of Spiritual Warfare years ago, I encountered some extremely strange passages and ideas in scripture. ┬áJude mentioned angles in chains (Jude 6). Genesis 6:1-2 seemed to describe angelic […]

Day 6 With the Literary ESV

Today we finish and leave behind the book of Numbers and most of Deuteronomy. So how do we begin but with war of course. Well, war and a touch of rebellion as the warriors disobey by attempting to bring Midianite women into camp. These are the same women who just earlier had attempted to destroy Israel by sexually enticing them to worship the Baal of Peor.

In our modern sensitivities it is a difficult passage to begin with, there is bloodshed by God’s people in time of war as well as in the aftermath of war. I definitely want to work through some of these hard questions on the blog, but unfortunately this isn’t the time for it. I have a rather large portion of Scripture to read today and thus I must move on. But I cannot leave the 31st chapter of Numbers without observing that impurity must be purged even from the artifacts of another culture. It brings to mind the Haitian market which I’ve visited in the past.